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Remote Office

Work from Florida? No problem
Take calls from almost anywhere.

Do you have a satellite office or an employee that works from home? Try our new Remote Office Service...

Enjoy all of the benefits and features of your Giant Communications system from any remote location. Simply plug in your remote location phone to a high speed internet connection and Remote Office will provide dial-tone and all of the functionality of your existing office phone:

With Remote Office, our customers can allow remote users to be a part of the office phone system while at the same time allowing businesses to get more out of their remote employees.

Remote Office allows you to access and change your call coverage options from any PC or from the handset itself. It shares the same calling plan as your system—local, regional and long distance—and is invoiced with your other Giant services, simplifying billing and increasing efficiency.

Remote Office is easy to install and use. It includes an office quality handset which plugs into your existing broadband connection. To learn more or to get setup, give us a call at (316) 854-9266.